Short Term Trips

Short Term Trips


If you want to go on a CBC Short Term Mission Trip, you must fill out this Application and then either:

- print it as a PDF and then attach and send it to the email addresses below, or
- print it, then scan it and send it as attachment to the email addresses below, or
- print it and mail or deliver to church address below (or bring to first trip planning meeting) and

Calvary Bible Church
1101 S. Main St.
Burbank, CA  91506

Contact us by email
(Planning Meeting Sunday 7/27 1pm room 203)
WHEN:  8/1-8/3    Friday Aug 1,  2pm – Sunday Aug. 3, 2pm   ( not including drive from and back to L.A.)
                  You can come up whenever your particular schedule allows.
WHERE:  Berean Bible Church, 310 N  Halcyon Rd., Arroyo Grande, CA    93240      805-489-5511
                    and surrounding community and homes.
WHY:  At the request of former CBC Pastor Erik Swanson, to help his small church to repair some of the
               exterior church property, fix up their Children’s play area, etc.
              And to help his church reach out to the community by beach evangelism and handing out flyers
              about the church. Fellowship and encouragement  with a like-minded church (Romans 1:12).
WHO:  Current trip participants:
                    Deacon Sean Cullen, Shelbi Cullen, Hannah Cullen
                    Elder Lew Stone, Teri Stone
                    Deacon Dale Van Treese, Esther Van Treese, Rebecca Van Treese
                    Elder Bob Powell, Fabiola Powell, Kayleen Powell
                    Rafael Kosche, Joan Kosche, Jade Kosche
                Anyone else willing to help the team in any way is invited..
                Lodging for 10 people can be accommodated by the church there.
                First come first served on lodging, others will have to find local hotel lodging on their own.
                The church parking lot is available for overnight campers.
                Food mostly provided by Berean Bible and CBC.
WHAT:   Schedule: (proposed, subject to change))
                8/1  Friday : 9:30 am    Leave LA (or when you can)  
                                         1-2pm      Arrive Arroyo Grande, Berean Bible Church 
                                         2-6pm      Work Crew starts on clean-up, prep, demo, etc.
                                         6pm          Dinner at Berean Bible
                                         7:30pm    Short Devotion time/ planning for Sat.
                                         8pm          Head for houses for lodging, Campers in Parking lot, or local motels  
                  8/2 Satur:   8am           Meet back at Church, Begin Work    
                                         12 noon   Lunch at Church
                                         1-5pm       Work at Church 
                                         4pm           Evangelism participants meet and discuss strategy
                                         5-6pm       Beach Evangelism
                                         5pm           Clean up at church
                                         6pm            All head to beach for Dinner and Bonfire
                                         8pm            Beach Bonfire/Worship/ Devotion
                                         9:30pm      Back to Lodging
                   8/3 Sund:   9am            Prayer Time at church
                                         10am          Berean Bible Church service (Erik Swanson)
                                         12noon      Fellowship and Lunch
                                         2pm            Leave for LA
                                         5pm            Arrive LA

HONDURAS – SHORT TERM MISSIONS TRIP                September 20-29, 2014
What: To come alongside TMAI-MEDA in Pastoral doctrinal teaching and lay teaching at a Family/Marriage Conference, and strengthen the local churches through Bible Studies,  Fellowship and local evangelism.
Where: Siquatepeque, Honduras
CBC Missionary: MEDA-TMAI (The Master’s Academy International) Pastoral Training Center
Anticipated size of group: 8
Anticipated cost: $ 1400
Leaders: TBD
Pastors/Elders: Kempiz Hernandez
Ministry: Teaching: Family/Marriage Conference, Local Evangelism, Bible Studies.