Diane Grubb

Diane Grubb

1990 - Present

Place of Ministry: Highland Park, CA  
Agency: Biblical Ministries Worldwide  
Position: Ministry to Deaf and Deaf-Blind  
Personal Information: Birthday                               11/9  
Parent Church: Valley Baptist
Montrose, CA
Correspondence: c/o Calvary Bible Church  
  1101 S. Main St.  
  Burbank, CA 91506  
Website: Biblical Ministries Worldwide  

 Mission Agency Purpose Statement:
Biblical Ministries Worldwide has independent apartments for the deaf-blind in Highland Park, where much of the ministry takes place.

Ministry Description:
Dee ministers to the deaf and deaf-blind in the apartment complex and also visits shut-ins and those in nursing homes. She is involved in women’s ministry, Bible studies and caring for medical needs. The ministry also includes Grace Bible Church of Deaf and Deaf-Blind. Her goal is to meet people’s needs in order to share the Gospel, see them saved and then disciple them. Ultimately, she would love to see deaf and deaf-blind as ministers.
Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for more quiet time.
  • Pray for strength and wisdom in meeting the needs – several have health needs that demand much time.
  • Pray that our summer helpers will work well for us.
  • Pray for full-time support help to clean apartments, etc.
  • Pray that Chris would be saved.
  • Pray for Muriel’s health.
  • We would love to have a work team come for a day to help us clean, wash vehicles, etc.