Rosalie E. Ranquist

Rosalie E. Ranquist
1967 - Present
Place of Ministry: NTM Headquarters in Florida and
overseas assignments
Agency: New Tribes Mission  
Position: International Literacy Consultant/Teacher  
Personal Information: Birthday                                                     9/26  
Parent Church: First Baptist Church - Waterford, CT  
Correspondence: 414 Greenland Ct.  
  Sanford, FL 32771-7634  

Mission Agency Purpose Statement:
New Tribes Mission (NTM) specializes in reaching people groups around the world that have not had the chance of a Gospel witness. They translate the Bible into the language of the people and plant indigenous, self-supporting, self-propagating New Testament churches.

Ministry Description:
Rosalie has a specialized itinerant ministry. Aside from her consulting work at NTM headquarters in Florida, she also makes frequent trips overseas. Her current projects include:
  • Working with tribal missionary teams within NTM Worldwide, helping them prepare for ministry, and to promote literacy within each ethnic group that they work with.
  • In Papua New Guinea, she continues to give as much time as possible to assisting the Sinasina church leaders with their work in writing and translating Bible lessons for more of the epistles.
  • She also helps her co-worker, Carol Gutwein, in revising the New Testament translation for the tribal language of the Yagaria tribe of Papua New Guinea.
Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for a close walk with my Lord.
  • Pray for a continued compassionate heart for the lost.
  • Pray for opportunities to share Christ.
  • Pray for a humble and teachable spirit as I work with missionaries and tribal people.
  • Pray most of all that I’d glorify God, whether in life or death (these are dangerous times for missionaries, especially overseas).
  • Pray for the measure of health that will most glorify God.