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About Tim Monzon

2201WEB_StaffNLeaders_MonzonTim Monzon


Calvary Bible Church is my home because I’m surrounded with people that love the Lord. It is a place that I can be encouraged and loved by my church family.

The reason on why I serve is to glorify God in all that I physically do. Service to God should come from the heart and strength by the Holy Spirit. Anyone that is called to be in the family of God has a responsibility to serve Him and others. Service is a lifestyle that God commands of us in our everyday life.

My hope and prayer for Calvary is that it will excel on proclaiming the Gospel and welcome those who are need of a church. Also, that we as a body may be united together as a church family.

My favorite activity is to go out to the beach and skate along the coast. I really like Iced Caramel Macchiatos.

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