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Archives for June 2017

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The Gospel Made Visible


TITUS: The Gospel on Display How is the church stabilized and established in the grace of God? How do we live in such a way that "displays" that Christ is greater and more beautiful than anything on this earth? How do Christians make the "Gospel visible" to a hopeless and dying world, infatuated with sin and the passing pleasures of sin? These are important questions. In...

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What is the value of apologetics in the church?


Positive Verbal Defense of the Faith Apologetics isn't making a practice of saying we're sorry for our faith. As followers of Christ our calling isn't to passively apologize for believing in things like the inerrancy of the Bible, the existence of the supernatural or the exclusivity of the Gospel. Rather apologetics is about making a positive verbal defense of the faith...

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Book Review of "The Darkness and the Glory"


Jesus' Moment of Darkness No single event in the history of mankind has had a more profound or lasting impact upon people than the death of Jesus of Nazareth. Not only was Jesus' death an excruciating and painful event for our Savior, but of infinitely greater significance was the separation that He experienced from His Father. For the first time, the eternal Son of God e...

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Book Review of "The Pursuit of Holiness"


Pursuing a Life of Holiness by God's Grace Have Christians been called to "let go and let God" or "lift oneself up by his/her own moral bootstraps?" The answer is neither. Christians are saved by the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ "alone." We do not add to or take away from anything the Lord Jesus Christ has accomplished on our behalf. We can rest assured and secu...

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