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Archives for July 2018

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Evidences of God's Grace

SS_The Study of God

The Fruit-Bearing Work of the Spirit Things will never be ideal on this earth. We understand that because we are sinners, imperfect and inadequate, we will always fall short of God's perfect standard. At the very moment of our salvation, we came to realize that our sin was great, but that Christ is a greater Savior. This recognition of our utter unworthiness and inabili...

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Christ, Our All-Sufficiency


Complete in Him Not too long ago someone asked me, "Kempiz, you are nearing three years of serving in your current role. What has been the greatest thing God has taught you?" Aside from my immediate thought, "Three years is nothing..." the answer was an easy one, but admittedly, not profound, "I am weak, but Jesus is strong." This is the greatest lesson God has taught me ...

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A Heavenly Perspective


Perspective changes everything. A student may panic from receiving a C+ on their latest exam, but knowing that they've already been accepted into their favorite grad school can lessen the blow. A person may freak out at seeing a $1,000 credit card balance, but knowing that a $3,000 check is coming in the mail may alleviate some of that stress. And a guy planning on prop...

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