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Pastor Alex had a conversation with Ian, our Worship Leader. Watch this video to see how God used Ian's ministry background to prepare him for this role. ...

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Passing the Baton


Helping People Follow Jesus Better From a young age, Taekwondo was my sport. From my first ever white-belt class, I absolutely fell in love with the martial art and its competitive intricacies. Over the course of ten years, I ground out thousands of hours at practices, training camps, seminars, and tournaments all for the prospect of snagging that next elusive champion...

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Salt and Light


How to live a life that is faithful to our calling as followers of Jesus Christ......

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Blessed are the Broken


TRUE PIETY In the Sermon on the Mount, the master teacher offers a master course on true piety. People often think that the sermon is a series of moral lessons, a "how-to" guide on practical religion. However, the main purpose of this pointed discourse is to challenge the traditional perception of holiness. Christ declares that true righteousness is not determined solel...

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Reality Check

Reality Check

Assurance of Faith We all long for certainty. We want our perception of lifeof ourselves and our circumstancesto be accurate. The five-year old wondering what's inside his Christmas presents and the pregnant mother wondering the gender of her baby both desire the same thingassurance of reality. This longing for certainty afflicts many believers who ask an honest questi...

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When Sermons Become Songs


The State of Our Hearts I love white noise. It's the sound created by combining countless different frequencies together into a single, complex concoction. White noise has the powerful ability to block out all of the other sounds and distractions around you. Whether you're trying to get work done at a bustling coffee shop, or some RR in a home of screaming toddlers, whi...

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A Heavenly Perspective


Perspective changes everything. A student may panic from receiving a C+ on their latest exam, but knowing that they've already been accepted into their favorite grad school can lessen the blow. A person may freak out at seeing a $1,000 credit card balance, but knowing that a $3,000 check is coming in the mail may alleviate some of that stress. And a guy planning on prop...

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