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Elders' Latest Update - January 8, 2021

Meetings on Campus Hello Calvary Bible Church family! As we closed out 2020 and reflected over last year, there are certainly areas in which we have grown in our Christian walk. The Lord also continues to stretch, mold, and shape us. It was a little over nine months ago that we as elders made a very difficult decision to meet solely through Livestream as the pandemic's...

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Calvary Connect: Race and Faith

We've partnered with Community of Faith Bible Church and Immanuel Bible Church to have a conversation on race and faith. It's so important that believers listen to each other with empathy and respond to hardship with compassion. Watch the video on our YouTube Channel....

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Elders' Latest Update - July 8, 2020

The Latest Update: Dear Calvary Bible Church Family, Thank you so much for praying for us as we met on Tuesday morning to pray and discuss how to move forward in light of the recent state guidelines that removed singing from indoor church services. Our desire is to honor the Lord in both the format of our worship service while arranging ourselves under the governing au...

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Elders' Latest Update - May 27, 2020

The latest update: We are excited to announce that, Lord willing, we will begin meeting to some capacity starting on June 7th. With the LA County Orders (click below) only allowing for 100 people to be in the facility at one time, we will all not be able to gather together at the same time. We will discuss our plan, as well as other details, on Sunday. See theLA County...

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Elders' COVID-19 Update - May 23, 2020


Latest update from the Elders of Calvary Bible Church: Dear Calvary family, As many of you are well aware, we have heard the President's call for religious gatherings to be moved into the essential category for reopening. Like you, we have been looking forward to the day when we will all be able to gather under the same roof and worship our glorious Lord and King, ...

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CBC Elders Heed Coronavirus Advisory


ALL campus activities cancelled until the end of March or until further notice. Watch the service via live stream this Sunday 9:20a ...

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God Doesn't Need Me, But He Wants Me?


Our Self-Sufficient Yet Relational God Mind-boggling thought, isn't it? That the Triune God of the universe, the Creator and Lord, the Sovereign Ruler over all, actually "wants" a relationship with each of us! Oh, how we must be careful, that in our desire to not misrepresent God in any way, painting a picture of Him as a warm and fuzzy God (which He's not!), we not forge...

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Passing the Baton


Helping People Follow Jesus Better From a young age, Taekwondo was my sport. From my first ever white-belt class, I absolutely fell in love with the martial art and its competitive intricacies. Over the course of ten years, I ground out thousands of hours at practices, training camps, seminars, and tournaments all for the prospect of snagging that next elusive champion...

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Truth or Love?


Committed to the Truth in Love A few Sundays ago, Pastor Brock preached on "A Love Expressing Church," which reminded me of the tension that every Bible teaching church experiences. "Should we be a church committed to the truth, or committed to love?" This "tension" only exists in us as fallen people. For God has designed His church to be committed to "both" the truth AN...

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Serving As Our Savior Did


Loving and Sacrificial Service One of the most amazing, mind-boggling accounts in the life of our Lord Jesus is found in John 13. It's the shocking account of our Lord, the "Teacher" and "Lord" (John 13:13), girding Himself about and washing the feet of His disciples. The narrator, the Apostle John, tells us both the motivation for Jesus' act and the lesson that the disci...

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