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Jesus' Moment of Darkness

No single event in the history of mankind has had a more profound or lasting impact upon people than the death of Jesus of Nazareth. Not only was Jesus’ death an excruciating and painful event for our Savior, but of infinitely greater significance was the separation that He experienced from His Father. For the first time, the eternal Son of God experienced a break in fellowship and intimacy with God the Father, as He took upon Himself the sins of humanity.

As he writes about the Cross of Calvary, Dr. Greg Harris highlights the love of our Savior, and the implications for His moment of “darkness” for His followers. Though there was darkness, the Lord Jesus looked forward to the “glory” that awaited Him, and those who trust in Him. To a lesser degree, the believer has been called to the same, while he/she awaits the return of the King. Though there is suffering in this life, there is also “joy” in the present time, and “glory” to come for eternity, when we dwell forever with our Savior.

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