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The Mission for All Believers

Most Christians are painfully aware of their responsibility to “witness” about Jesus to unbelievers. We live, often times, with guilt-ridden consciences, knowing that we fall far short of fulfilling our mission on this earth. With much humility, Pastor Mark Dever (founder of 9Marks Ministries) reminds believers that this problem is not just common among laity, but also pastors and leaders alike. We all struggle with the fear of man, a sense of inadequacy, and even just plain indifference toward the lost around us. All of these struggles, and many more, are struggles that keep us from faithfulness in personal evangelism.

But far from giving Christians a “pass” on personal evangelism, Pastor Dever calls Christians to the reality of obedience in the area of personal evangelism (Matt 28:19-20; Acts 1:1-11). The primary reason why the church is here on earth is to make Christ known to a lost world, that other worshippers may be added to the church, here on earth and for eternity. Thus, there is work to do. We are given helpful principles to apply to our lives that we might grow both in our thinking and conduct in the area of personal evangelism. Here is a man who practices what he preaches, and he is not afraid to share his personal struggles, but more importantly, his personal victories with the church, so that the church may be encouraged and equipped to fulfill her mission of “making disciples.” This book, if received with a heart of humility, will “fuel” your heart with a passion to make Jesus known to a lost world.

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