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Pursuing a Life of Holiness by God's Grace

Have Christians been called to “let go and let God” or “lift oneself up by his/her own moral bootstraps?” The answer is neither. Christians are saved by the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ “alone.” We do not add to or take away from anything the Lord Jesus Christ has accomplished on our behalf. We can rest assured and secure in the love and grace of God shown to us in the Person and Work of the Son of His love.

Having been declared righteous by faith in the Person and Work of the Lord Jesus Christ, the believer, motivated by God’s love for him, and the assurance of Christ’s finished work on his behalf, is now propelled to a life of loving obedience and personal holiness. God has saved us that we would be “set apart” from sin to righteousness. Bridges makes the point again and again that the grace which justifies, is the same grace which empowers and motivates the Christian to desire and work to be like his Heavenly Father. Thus, the Christian is called to a diligent, proactive, and aggressive pursuit of loving obedience and personal holiness. All made possible by the Spirit of God, powerfully working in and through us.   

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