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Reaching children with the good news of the Gospel

We thank God every day for your prayers, love, and support. Your contributions bring the Gospel to children each and every day. Here are some real testimonies of how the Lord uses you and this ministry.

Ruben (9 years old) attended our special club during the Biola University conference for Hispanic leaders and pastors (the club lasted 5 hours!). He had always believed because he grew up in the church that he had a ticket to heaven, regardless of what he did. During one of the breaks in our schedule, God handed me the opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel with him. After explaining our sinful nature, he recognized that he was a sinner, and not a child of God. That day, Ruben decided to accept Christ into his heart.

Susana visited the club in her apartment building one day when she was bored. She heard the Gospel for the first time and left, but the next day she came to talk to Yoli, the teacher of the club. Yoli explained the only way to salvation, and Susana confessed her sin and asked God to save her. Not only did Susana become part of the kingdom of God, she asked Yoli to share the Gospel with her mom! Susana and her mom have since been invited to church.

June Update

Our regular training classes have ended for the year. Additionally, our chapter hosted 40 Easter Party clubs with 200 donated bags of candy and Gospel tracts. We taught 31 weekly Good News Clubs, 4 Preschool Clubs, 4 Pre-Teen Clubs, 29 Five-Day Clubs, 11 VBS Clubs, 100 one-time Party Clubs, 65 classes at different churches, plus over 18 Open-air meetings where we shared the Gospel in the parks. So far, we have reached 13, 272 children with the Good News from September 2015 until the end of April 2016. Praise the Lord for 3,121 children who have made a profession of faith, and we know for sure that out of that 1,917 are attending church on a regular basis.

The Lord in His abundance also allowed us to teach one additional 32-hour English course and one additional 32-hour Spanish course, both of which equip new teachers.

In between clubs, my team and I have been working hard to produce the 2016 VBS 5-Day Club kit. I can thankfully say that all the lessons, verses, snacks, materials, and games are all finally complete. Our training for this summer ministry was scheduled for May 14th, and we had 175 attendees. We need your prayers so we can reach even more children during the summer. The more attendees, the more evangelism opportunities we create through Vacation Bible Schools and 5-Day Clubs.

Pray that:

  • many children would be reached with the Gospel.
  • my team would be energized and protected as we teach clubs in the summer heat.
  • we'd have an abundance of 60 to 70 summer missionaries (or more!).
  • the Lord would provide funds to cover the expenses for the summer materials, Bibles, tracts, crafts, and snacks.
  • the Board and I would have wisdom and discernment as we aim to glorify God in this ministry.
  • the mechanic would figure out what's wrong with my car and be able to fix it--i've had to take it in for repairs and the list doesn't seem to end--or that the Lord would provide another car.
  • our Board of Directors would grow in size (the goal is 3 new members).

You are always welcome to attend a Board meeting. We meet here at Calvary every third Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm. Please let me know if you plan to attend by sending me an email.

In Jesus and for the children,

Claudia Calderon