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Latest update from the Elders of Calvary Bible Church:

Dear Calvary family,

As many of you are well aware, we have heard the President’s call for religious gatherings to be moved into the essential category for reopening. Like you, we have been looking forward to the day when we will all be able to gather under the same roof and worship our glorious Lord and King, Jesus Christ. 

We, the Elders of Calvary Bible Church are meeting together Tuesday morning to determine a clear plan which will enable our physical worship gatherings while also protecting the physical health of our body. Please know that our desire is to meet together as soon as possible. While we firmly believe that God is sovereign and in complete control of this pandemic, we also want to be faithful and thoughtful in our charge to care for the flock among us.

While we may have different convictions in regards to how we should respond to COVID-19, it is our prayer that we will all remain united in our desire to see Christ honored and exalted in how we enter back into our community at CBC. So please pray for our meeting on Tuesday, that God would give us wisdom and clarity as we seek to lead Calvary Bible Church during this unique time. And please pray that we, as a church, will maintain the unity of the faith that demonstrates the power of the Gospel to the community around us.

-The Elders of CBC