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Dear Calvary Bible Church Family, 

Thank you so much for praying for us as we met on Tuesday morning to pray and discuss how to move forward in light of the recent state guidelines that removed singing from indoor church services. Our desire is to honor the Lord in both the format of our worship service while arranging ourselves under the governing authorities who He has placed over us.

After much prayerful discussion, we will be moving the Sunday morning worship service outside to the parking lot. This allows us to keep the essential component of congregational singing in the service. It also allows us to be free from the 100 person limit currently in place for indoor church services.

Thus, all of you are invited! No need to sign up to come for worship beginning this Sunday. We will continue to adhere to the government guidelines regarding social distancing (six foot distance from members of other households) and face masks.  Note that face masks must cover your nose and mouth, and must be worn from the time you arrive to the time you leave the premises after the worship service.

A few other details:

* We will do our best to provide a comfortable and shaded area for us to gather. However, please bring your own chair, an EZ-up for your family and consider bringing additional ones for other families, and bottled water.

Remember that we don't have childcare available, so your little ones will need to sit with you.

* Also, there will not be a Q and A this Sunday. This way you will have enough time to drive home in order to connect to your Fellowship Group virtually.

It should be a great time of worship together. We look forward to seeing as many of you here as possible.

Lord bless you,

The Elders of Calvary