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Ministry Update from Alexey Kuznetsov


September 2016 Ministry Report

September marks the beginning of the school year, returning back to ministry, and planning for the next year. A few interesting things happened in our lives during this month.

Fellowship with Visiting Ministers

First of all, we had a family visit us from Tajikistan. A minister came to town for medical treatments for his two year old daughter. It was priceless for me to see how our congregation responded to help this family, not only financially, but also providing them with anything they might need. My wife and I also had a chance to have them at our house and have fellowship. I always appreciate time we can spend with visiting ministers.

Second, Paul Washer and Holden Berry once again came to visit. Paul came on Sunday, straight from the airport to the service, where he was able to preach. After the service our youth got together with Paul joining us. We understood that he was very tired, but we were happy to share this time with him. Late at night they were able to return to the hotel and the next day they joined our men's meeting. We also had a great opportunity to have him spend time with our family and have fellowship. I understand more and more how important it is to learn to relate simply despite one's popularity or status. Our pastoral team had a chance to spend time with Paul, as well as one of the small groups of our church. They get involved more and more and we see how God is using them to build us up through their ministry. Also Igor Gerdov joined our fellowship. This time spent with brothers from USA left a good print on our hearts. We see how God is actively building up the congregation in Petersburg.

Launching Youth Ministry

Third, we started regular youth meetings. I have a desire to have these be strictly for the youth, but build it up using sisters and brothers who are a little older. So far we have only decided on goals, structure of the meetings and how often. I see the excitement in the eyes of the young. By the way, four of the youth asked to be baptized. We are planning to start a group to prepare for baptisms in October.

Church Government Process

Fourth, we have begun actively working on a document that would outline our articles of incorporation (governance). This helps us understand not only our goals and responsibilities, but will also help regulate relationships within the church. I am glad that God lets us go deeper in our relationships within the pastoral team. I am not only thankful for my brothers on the team, but for all brothers in our congregation.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for wisdom regarding the youth ministry. We need to figure out not only our youth but also those older ones that will be attending to build good relationships with the young.
  • Pray for us and our children so that we may grow in our relationships. I see how God is changing my relationship with my son--he is becoming softer regarding the Gospel.
  • Pray for our pastoral team so that God would help us build our relationships and that we may grow more in dependence upon God and develop a deeper prayer life.