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Ministry Update from Roland and Irene King

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March Update

We thank God always for you. In all our prayers for you, we always pray with joy." Phil. 1:3-4


This year started out on a difficult note with several challenges to our house. We're so thankful God has given this home to us and we seek to share it with many through our hospitality opportunities. This has been a bit of a challenge recently due to several circumstances:

  • First, our son, Joel, needed to live with us for a few months while he worked on transitioning to living in Texas. We're grateful that things have worked out for him to move to Austin and be near his daughter, Sydney.
  • Also in January we had an electrical short and resulting power surge in our kitchen leaving us without some of our convenient small appliances for a while. God's gift to us through GRN electronics expert, John Blomberg, has gotten that nearly back to normal; we just lack a microwave.
  • Then last month the wonderful provision of rain made its way into our master bath leaving us drenched and demolished in that room. This was also complicated by a plumbing leak. Six weeks later insurance settlements and help from friends is bringing us closer to getting that room restored. Please pray with us for the Lord’s provision for the rest of the costs involved.

Global Recordings Network USA

We're so thankful for answers to prayer:

  • Roland has had two part-time volunteers helping out in the Shipping department for several months now. This has been a great encouragement to him.
  • Irene continues to keep a regular schedule three days a week in the office. The tasks of office management, writing Together in Prayer, and corresponding with partners are tasks she enjoys.

Thanks so much all of you who do so much to keep us encouraged, supplied, and upheld in the calling God has given us.


In August last year, the Philippines team spent three months recording in the Cagayan province in the north-eastern part of mainland Luzon. They recorded four dialects: Atta (Pudtol, Faire and Pamplona) and Ibanag. The smallest of these four dialects has only 300 to 600 speakers. The team also recorded a regional dialect spoken by up to 500,000 people.

The recording project has already had an impact on one of these tribal groups. By the time the recordings were finished the people were ready to form a church. The pastor asked the recording team to help him start a church in a tribal group they were visiting for the first time. The team joyfully celebrated a worship service with this fledgling church a week before returning home to the GRN office in Manila.

A short term mission, ‘KawaSaka 09’, is planned for April 2017 to distribute these recordings. A team from the Philippines and Australia will go to encourage the local Christians and the newly-planted church, help the local church distribute the recordings, and take part in outreach to these communities. Please pray for the upcoming distribution of these new recordings in April.

Please also pray for the new church started by the pastor with the help of the GRN team.

God bless each of you. Thanks for being our 'Aaron and Hur' team.

Roland and Irene King