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Literacy Consultant for the Sinasina Language Group

Dear caring and sharing prayer partners,

It’s with deep gratitude that I send my thanks to you who have continued to pray for me, and some of you for many, many years. I’m indeed grateful too for those of you who have supported me financially. Of course, your correspondence is a blessing, even when I’m slow at times with my correspondence.

For weeks now I’ve been working on a back log of things that I need to do before I really retire, or the Lord retires me. I prefer to do work, but in recent months I’ve experienced some strange health issues. I’m much better but still have a measure of numbness around my forehead and cheeks. The numbness was much worse before, but my many tests and visits to several specialists have showed nothing wrong. They are puzzled, and so am I, but my God is not!

Most of you know that I recently celebrated my 82nd birthday. Please, I’m not looking for Birthday gifts, but rather wanting to inform those of you who didn’t know. It’s been my desire to keep going at my normal pace of high speed since my childhood until now. But the Lord has allowed me to experience these unusual health issues to slow me down. Thus, I’m learning to accept the fact that my high speed activity will not continue. I still desire to continue my work related to my special people, the Sinasina language group, that is until the needs for their literacy and Bible teaching materials are met. Pray that I can speed up my contact and communication with the church leaders in the Sinasina to see that accomplished.

After that happens I’ll be concentrating on sizing down in my home here that is filled with books: books of literacy and Bible teaching manuals as well as materials of other languages where I’ve worked. It’s no small task of packing and shipping back to those language groups.
Thanks again for your prayers and involvement in my life and ministry. I thank God and pray regularly for you.

Thanks to our wonderful Lord and Savior,
Rosalie Ranquist
New Tribes Mission - Papua New Guinea