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Reaching the World with the Written Word

God has been blessing the work through New Tribes Mission for about 75 years which has been noted and continues to be celebrated around the world. I feel unbelievably blessed to have had a part in helping with the work in the Sinasina language group in Papua New Guinea for many years, which I’ve also continued off and on in between my traveling around the world helping other teams with literacy in their language groups. But I want to note here that I could not have been as involved as I have been if I had not had people like you praying for me and helping in my support. I know that I sound like a broken record, but without God’s people like you standing behind me, my ministry would have been more limited. So I say thank you again and to our amazing God who cares about the lost world of people who still have not heard about our precious Savior, Jesus Christ who died for them as well.

Keep on Keeping On

My plans for a bit later this year is to retire, but health permitting I’ll be seeking to help those of our community around here and within our mission work because I want to “keep on keeping on” like I enjoy doing. Otherwise I’d get terribly bored with myself.

Please pray for the thousands of our mission’s many missionaries around the world seeking to reach those who are still in isolated areas of the unreached world. It takes perseverance and utter dependence on the Lord for them to “keep on keeping on” often under difficult living conditions. But it is so rewarding for the tribal people to see their written language for the first time. But of course, it takes a team of dedicated missionaries as well as faithful supporters to pray and give in order to reap the good results of seeing many of those people in Heaven someday (Philippians 1:3-5).

With thanksgiving all because of our wonderful Savior,
Rosalie Ranquist