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UCLA Campus Opening Countdown

A gust of wind blew through our open windows, prompting me to pause and look up from my computer. Rustling through the jacaranda trees outside, the breeze carried with it a distinct crisp, stealing the once sultry heat of summer. A stone’s throw away was UCLA, a campus that was just beginning to stir from its hibernation, ready to shake off its seasonal slumber to welcome a new class of Bruins.

Shifting my gaze back to my work, I glanced at the side of my screen.

6 days, 6 hours, 47 minutes, 26 seconds…
6 days, 6 hours, 47 minutes, 25 seconds…
6 days, 6 hours, 47 minutes, 24 seconds…

With each passing tick, my heart welled with an amalgamation of anxiety and excitement, knowing that the expiration of the countdown signified the dawn of a new battle.

In 6 days, warfare will commence. It will be a war of life or death, fought not with sword and shield but with gospel prayer and proclamation. The familiar grounds of UCLA will become battlefields of ideas and ideologies, contending for dominance and competing for disciples. No Bruin will leave UCLA unchanged; every student will graduate a believer – it is the only the crucial detail of in whom or in what those beliefs are grounded on that remains to be determined.

In 6 days, the world’s next generation of leaders will come to us. Tomorrow’s religious, political, and corporate influencers will get dropped off by their parents, their belongings thrown in blue and yellow carts, their lives dictated by the rhythms of a quarter’s numbered weeks. Behind every awkward freshman introduction, every syllabus pored over in detail, every search for new community, lie future trailblazers, innovators, and trendsetters. Year after year, we see that what happens here, changes the world.

Summer Alumni Meetings and Encouragement

In these last few weeks of summer, Justine and I have had the privilege to meet with a good amount of our alumni. It has been extremely visionary to see our former students, many of whom were not followers of Christ upon coming to UCLA, be sent out into both vocational and marketplace ministry, spanning a number of nations and occupations. As we engage the UCLA campus in the gospel this upcoming year, we ask that God would give us students who would become those students – students who will live radically transformed lives in light of God’s gospel grace. And when in the power of the Holy Spirit we see the exponential effect of discipleship take root, we are praying that our students will be gospel heralds who finish the mission and hasten the return of our King.

6 days, 6 hours, 43 minutes, 54 seconds…
6 days, 6 hours, 43 minutes, 53 seconds…

Prayer Requests

  • What a joy and comfort it is to know that we go not alone, but that you are with us in ministry partnership! “0 week” begins starting September 18th, and is arguably one of the most significant weeks of the entire school year. Thousands of spiritual interest surveys will be administered and dozens of gospel conversations are had each year as students are most available and receptive in this window of time. Please join our staff and students in praying for this pivotal season.
  • Please pray for Goodwin and his co-director Gen as they lead their staff team of 12. Pray that they would lead into places of safe community as well as out towards unsafe causes.

Until the world hears,

Goodwin & Justine