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Read: Matthew 21:20-25; Mark 11:20-13:37; Luke 20:1-21:36

Teaching, teaching, and more precious teaching marks Tuesday of Passion Week. First, having cursed the fig tree on the previous day (Monday), Jesus uses the opportunity of the now withered tree to speak to His disciples about the importance of having faith. This is very strategic and deliberate, for 3 days later His disciples would experience the devastating grief of witnessing their Master being tortured and subsequently crucified.

Second, this day is focused on intense controversies with the religions leaders, who continually question His authority. Due to the monumental event of the cleansing of the Temple, the religious leaders are intent on trapping the Lord on something He might say, so that they might have Him killed. Knowing their wicked schemes, the Lord Jesus holds nothing back, as the encounter culminates in His pronouncing a series of “woes” upon the religious leaders. Having been left speechless, and without a counter defense, their hatred only increases all the more.

Finally, on Tuesday evening, as Jesus and His disciples leave the Temple, He predicts the remarkable future events surrounding the Temple and the city of Jerusalem. The Lord’s prophecy of future things will include the devastation of the nation’s most precious entities, the Temple and Jerusalem, in AD 70. But along with this prophecy came the ultimate and glorious promise of future hope at the 2nd advent of Christ.