CBC Classes

CBC Classes

January 21, 2023

Introduction to Respectable Sins

Speaker: Jay Underwood Series: Men's Breakfasts

Pastor Jay introduced us to the book Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges.

We see sin rampant in this world, and how the world downplays or even ignores sin, saying it isn’t actually sin, or saying it’s a “sickness” thereby removing personal responsibility.

Sometimes, when comparing ourselves to the world, we also downplay our OWN so-called “lesser” sins. These “respectable” sins, like selfishness, envy, anger and pride, are just as grievous to God as the “greater” sins. John Newton said, “I am a great sinner, but Christ is a great Saviour.”

The remedy? You can fight your sin by: a) applying the gospel every day, b) working out your salvation with fear and trembling, c) cooperating with the Holy Spirit, asking Him to reveal your “respectable sins” to you, d) memorizing and applying scripture, e) cultivating the practice of prayer, and f) involving other believers in your life for accountability.

We are looking forward to a convicting and fruitful year of learning how to identify and fight our “respectable sins.”

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