CBC Classes

CBC Classes

April 15, 2023

The Master's Men

Speaker: David Hegg Series: Men's Breakfasts Verse: Genesis 1:1–1:1

David Hegg is the senior pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Santa Clarita, and he spoke to us about dealing with spiritual discouragement, and what we need to be used of God as a Master’s Man. 

He started by pointing out that in 2 Timothy 1:6-7, Paul was seeking to encourage Timothy, who due most likely to the heavy pagan influence in Ephesus, was discouraged, acting fearfully, and was even ashamed to present the gospel in such a spiritually empty society.  We face the same pressures in the modern day “Ephesus” that we live in which can likewise discourage us. 

He pointed out that Paul encouraged Timothy specifically in 2 Timothy 1:9-10, which we can also do by remembering the Cross and putting our minds towards the gospel and all that God has done for us through Christ.   

And he shared some metaphors Paul gave Timothy in serving despite discouragement.

  • We are like soldiers for Christ, we are enlisted and led by Him. And like a soldier who is entirely focused on soldierly duties, not on day to day living, we should also remain focused on our service to him and not let the affairs and problems of our life or politics weaken our ability to serve Him. 
  • Like an athlete who competes according to the rules, we are to follow God’s requirements in serving him and be focused on the prize.     
  • Like the farmer does not see immediate results from planting and tending crops, we need to seek to obey him and serve, and not be discouraged from our efforts even if we don’t see immediate fruit.

Next, Pastor David pointed out that to be used as a Master’s Man, we should

  • Intentionally seek personal holiness and sanctification, which is necessary regardless of our age, skills, strengths, or pedigree.   Such holiness is sought through behaving and communicating with Godly biblical wisdom, while seeking to be delighted in Him.  
  • Be motivated to serve Him not by a desire to receive a particular blessing, but instead simply to be useful to Him and please Him. Seeking additional blessings through service is ultimately futile, because we have already been blessed beyond any expectation through our salvation.
  • Seek and be ready for ways to serve others and our community.  These good works we do will show God’s love and enable us to have a platform to speak to the world about Christ. 

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