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We are in a war for our purity, because we are under attack. The casualties are everywhere. They are in our schools, in the government, in families, in marriages, and even in the church. Why can’t we win? The first step in winning a war is knowing the real enemy. There are countless books on our shelves that call us to fight against the temptation of porn, but there is only one book—the Bible—that unmasks our true enemies. In these messages, we will open the Scriptures, which unmask the ugly truth that Satan wars against us and our flesh is a willing ally. While he is shrewd and evil, we are weak and easily enticed. The good news is that the Bible not only unmasks him as our principle antagonist, but it also empowers us to stand against his attacks. It also uncovers Satan’s strategy and provides God’s prescription and weapons on how to defeat him. Yes, war is hell, but this war can be and must be won. Listen carefully as you prepare for battle.

April 22, 2017

The Battle for Purity

Speaker: Bobby Scott Series: Set Apart