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Every fourth Sunday of every month

4:00pm – 5:30pm

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Lights, Camera, Action! 

Come join our Entertainment Industry Fellowship Group here at CBC, meeting in Room 5.

Are you a part of the movie/television industry, either in front of the camera or behind, directly or indirectly?  If so, you know of the many questions and concerns that arise in navigating this industry as a Christian. You also know how lonely it can feel in an industry where to be a Christian is akin to having leprosy in Bible times. Come and join us the third Sunday of each month, beginning July 18. Pastor Jay, who spent over 20 years in the industry, will lead this fellowship group. We'll talk about what we face in the industry, share our experience, and discuss how to apply Biblical truth in this work environment. We hope to see you there.

Cut, print, check the gate! 

Contact Pastor Jay Underwood with questions