MOMs Evening Small Groups

Every Monday until May 23, 2022

7:00pm – 9:00pm

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Ministry of Motherhood

The desire of MOMs (Ministry of Motherhood) is to encourage and equip women to reflect Christ in their homes through Titus-2 discipleship, personal Bible study, worship, and fellowship. Any woman is invited to join us this year on Monday evenings or Tuesday mornings for an inductive study of 1 Samuel and selected Psalms. In this study you have the opportunity to dig deep into some of the best stories from the Old Testament and be refreshed and reminded of the character of our good and sovereign God in His dealings with his children. You will have the opportunity to consider themes such as the sovereignty and providence of God, the Fear of God vs. Fear of Man, Humility vs. Pride, and so much more.  


The Monday evening small groups meet off-campus, except for the second Monday of each month. After the open MOMs together time, the small groups will break off into their groups in various rooms on campus. 

For questions, contact Tiffany Myers or Kirsten Hersh: send an email