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Have you found it a challenge to share the Gospel? To encourage us in sharing the Gospel, the elders have identified 2020 as the Year of Evangelism for Calvary Bible Church. Thus, we will begin the year with this five-week series. These messages will focus our attention on evangelism--not just the need to share the Gospel but also having the right motivation, the right message, and the right understanding of God's work in salvation.

Sermons from this Series

Feb 2


February 2, 2020

What is the Gospel?

Preacher: Alex Mastrolonardo Scripture: Romans 6:23 Series: God's Good News

Jan 26


Jan 19


Jan 12


January 12, 2020

God's Heart for His Son

Preacher: Kempiz Hernandez Scripture: Philippians 2:9–11 Series: God's Good News

Jan 5


January 5, 2020

God's Heart for the World

Preacher: Tim Carns Scripture: Jonah 1:1– 4:11 Series: God's Good News