Short Term Trips

Short Term Trips


If you want to go on a CBC Short Term Mission Trip, you must fill out this Application and then either:

- print it as a PDF and then attach and send it to the email addresses below, or
- print it, then scan it and send it as attachment to the email address below, or
- print it and mail or deliver to church address below (or bring to first trip planning meeting)

Calvary Bible Church
1101 S. Main St.
Burbank, CA  91506

Contact us by email

WHERE: Manila/Davao, PHILIPPINES - serving alongside Sean Ransom
WHEN:  March 30 - April 11
WHAT:  Pastoral Training, Marriage Conference, Evangelism, Children's Outreach

WHERE: Mombasa, Kenya AFRICA - serving alongside Tim Ghrist
WHEN:   June 22 - July 2
WHAT:   Marriage Conference, Eye Clinic Support, Evangelism & Outreach

WHERE: Siguatepeque, HONDURAS - serving alongside Carlos Montoya
WHEN:   July 29 - August 8
WHAT:   Pastoral Training, Outreach, Parenting, and Conference on "The Exalted Christ" from the book of Colossians

WHERE: Malawi - serving alongside Brian Biedebach
WHEN:   October 24 - November 4
WHAT:   Pastoral Training and Ministry Support