Biblical Stewardship

Biblical Stewardship
Session 1 "The Three Convictions for Biblical Stewardship" Matthew 6:19-24.
Generosity, contentment and integrity are the key principles for Biblical Stewardship.

Session 2 "The Fourteen Steps to Financial Freedom"
The practical side of Biblical Stewardship. Let's put Stewardship to work.

Session 3 "Estate Planning"
What is the importance of a Living Trust in California? How does guardianship work? What to do in the case of the death of your spouse. The different powers of attorney. Each session will conclude with a Question and Answer time.

About the Speaker

JIM RICKARD is the Director of the Stewardship Services Foundation.  Jim graduated from Cedarville College in 1971 with a degree in accounting and has attended graduate school in Los Angeles. In 1973 Jim accepted a call to become the Business Manager at Los Angeles Baptist College (now The Master’s College and Seminary in Newhall, CA) serving until 1978. Jim has conducted seminars, workshops, as well as speaking in numerous conferences and churches across the United States to pastors and their flock on such subjects as Family Finance, Estate Planning, Leadership, Church Finance, and Clergy Income Tax.

The Stewardship Services Foundation is a privately funded, non-profit corporation established for the singular purpose of serving the fundamental Christian community.  The Foundation offers you and your church several important stewardship services: Estate Planning Seminars which includes counseling on Wills and Living Trusts, Income Tax Seminars including the preparation of Federal and State returns for ministers, Family Finance Seminars, and Church Leadership Seminars.

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