Exalting Christ in an Immoral Culture

Exalting Christ in an Immoral Culture
This 8-week summer series on Sunday nights, taught by various pastors, will specifically address moral issues that have come to the forefront in our culture. We thought it prudent to talk about what God has to say about these issues, how to raise our kids in this culture, and most importantly how to present the gospel and live out a Christ-exalting life in such a culture.
Topics included will be as follows: Thinking Biblically in a Post-Modern Culture, The Foundation of Purity, Parenting & Purity, Homosexuality and Gender Identity, Social Media, and the Path to Purity.

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Parenting & Purity Online
Jason Drumm 

Parenting & Purity
Brock Bolde 

The Foundation of Purity
Tim Carns 

Thinking Biblically in This Post-Modern Culture
Kempiz Hernandez