Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading
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A Deeper Kind of Calm

 By: Linda Dillow
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This author humbly leads the hurting believer to the inner sanctuary of healing that only comes through our great and faithful God, Jesus Christ. She encourages this through looking at four psalms that command the Christian woman to remember what God has done (Ps.77), hide in his presence (Ps. 46), cling to Him (Ps. 63) and praise Him for what we cannot see (Ps. 84).

A Mother's Heart
 By: Jean Fleming
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This is my all-time favorite book on being a mother (so far). Mrs. Fleming is able to inspire women to their high calling as Christian moms. She focuses on the attitudes of the heart that lead to God-centered parenting. I have read this book several times over the past 10 years and each time I feel inclined to pray fervently for my family.

Becoming a Woman Who Pleases God
A Guide to Developing Your Biblical Potential
 By: Pat Ennis & Lisa Tatlock
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Based on the Home Economics curriculum at Masters, these 2 professors have written a book on how to practically live out Prov. 31. A chapter for each of the characteristics of the "wise woman", including budgeting, hospitality and how-to’s on the Titus 2 principle. A wonderful resource for a seasoned mom OR young lady. This has been an enormous help to me in my ministry at home and as a believer.

Damsels in Distress
 By: Martha Peace
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This book brings God’s Word to shine its light on common problems women face such as: gossip, manipulation, hurt feelings, vanity, PMS and women’s roles—great for a personal read or group discussion.

Designing a Lifestyle That Pleases God
A Practical Guide
 By: Pat Ennis & Lisa Tatlock
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This is the exciting sequel to the above mentioned book, with chapters on things like submission, working in the world, motherhood, clothing, housekeeping and spiritual & physical beauty. As in the first, more fun charts and acrostics are included to pour over! I love this one too! (Kelley Wilde)

Feeding Your Soul
 By: Jean Fleming
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A reflective guide for quiet times; this author not only addresses the basics, but gives ideas to deepen and lengthen a woman's time with the Lord.

Fruitful Life, The
The Outflow of God's Love through You
 By: Jerry Bridges
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This book is a candid look at the fruit of the Spirit in a believer's life.

Gospel of John, The
 By: Henry Ian Cusick
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As far as Jesus Flicks go, this is one where I actually like the whole thing. By using all of the words straight from the Word, including narration, this is much more limited in its artistic liberties than others out there. Our family enjoys watching this every Passion Week and throughout the year.

Hints on Child Training
 By: H. Clay Trumbull
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In a sea of Christian parenting books, this one stands out. Its focus is on training a child for the purpose of leading him or her to make a decision about Christ, as opposed to the more tempting avenue of just behavior modification. Written by Elisabeth Elliot's great-grandfather and Civil War chaplain, it is refreshingly old-fashioned, with biblically-based principles.

 By: J. C. Ryle
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This is a series of sermons which address different aspects of the Christian’s growth in holiness. Ryle is a master writer and is a joy to read. Even better is the way he provides practical application in each chapter. Anything by Ryle will bless and encourage your walk with the Lord!

Knowledge of the Holy
 By: A.W. Tozer
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This is a small book that had a huge influence in my early Christian walk. The chapters are short, but thought provoking as to the nature and character of God. It’s a good companion for Knowing God by J.I. Packer.

Marriage to a Difficult Man
The Uncommon Union of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards
 By: Elisabeth D. Dodds
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The story of Sarah Edwards' courtship & marriage and disciplined devotion to her God, her husband and her children (in that order) are a wonderful motivational tool. We get to see this great and godly woman in her day-to-day life, including a glimpse into some of her imperfections as well. Though wildly convicting at times, it also has funny moments.

Master Plan of Evangelism
 By: Robert E. Coleman
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An insightful look at how Jesus chose and trained his disciples during His three-year ministry; this book has had a deep impact on my views regarding evangelism and discipleship.

Ministry of Motherhood, The
 By: Sally Clarkson
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A great and practical book on parenting which focuses on discipleship the way Christ ministered to the twelve. Clarkson gives the path of the great commission lived out in the home.

Morning and Evening
 By: Charles Spurgeon
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So convicting and so good! There are devotions to begin and end your day with meditating on Him!

My Utmost for His Highest
 By: Oswald Chambers
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This is simply a classic. The daily readings are short in length, but deep in effectiveness!

Passion and Purity
 By: Elisabeth Elliot
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This is the book that I "just happened" to be reading through when waiting and waiting and waiting for Edward to ask me out. Mrs. Elliot retells the story of her courtship with Jim and the repeated tearing down of false idols like companionship or a godly husband, committing to Christ and His will alone! Sadly, many single AND married women, having read it once, don't go back to revisit it. I highly recommend it to both.

Peacemaker, The
 By: Ken Sande
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This is the book CBC Ladies studied last summer, profoundly affecting many of us! Sande does an excellent job of helping the reader discern their heart motives in conflicts, as well as where to go from there in a Christ-honoring way. A wonderful appendix called the Peacemakers Checklist is included for quick reference.

Sense & Sensibility
 By: Jane Austen
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In moderation, I love a good romance. What sets this one apart in my mind is the relevance in how it depicts relationships. Men not careful with giving false impressions to young ladies, young ladies becoming silly and lacking control of their emotions with these men, vs. the man of integrity and the patient, subdued woman, etc., provides lots of good opportunities for self-reflection and group discussion.

Set Apart Femininity
 By: Leslie Ludy
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This compelling vision for femininity is a radical call away from the shallow, self-focused, pleasure-seeking culture of today to a lifestyle in which every aspect of your life—from the way you relate with men to the focus and direction of your life—is shaped by an intimate relationship with the King of kings. It’s the kind of heroic femininity that the world-changing women of history understood. And it’s well within your grasp, no matter where you’ve been.

Shaping of a Christian Family, The
 By: Elisabeth Elliot (and her mother, Katherine Howard)
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When I first read this book, I could not put it down. I have since picked it up to reread certain parts many times. Mrs. Howard tells the story of her life growing up and then raising a family. It is super engaging story-telling from a no-nonsense biblical approach. A very fun, practical & encouraging read!

Treasures of the Snow
 By: Patricia M. St. John
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This is a book that has been made into a movie and has a pointed message about forgiveness, pride, and humility. I love it because it's a truly "safe" movie for the whole family! And the children really “get” the message!

When I Don't Desire God
How to Fight for Joy
 By: John Piper
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This is the kind of book no one wants to admit they're reading, but probably should. Since every Christian has times when their emotions aren't in line with what they know to be true, we need to be reminded of who Christ is and how to go about "getting back" to worshiping in honest and deep abiding love. John Piper wrote this as a follow-up to Desiring God.