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Jake Brodsky

Midweek CBC Kids Director & Deacon
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Calvary is my home because in all that this church does, whether it is fellowship, service, or in depth teaching, the Gospel is preached, we seek to glorify the Lord at all times, and our focus is on having the highest view of God and His Word!

I’m a police officer who married my high school sweetheart and now we have 4 amazing kids. We love to serve and spend time with our church family.

My favorite waste of time is video games, but I don’t get nearly enough time to play them as I get older.

I accidentally fell into children’s ministry a few years ago because they needed someone and I was available. I have come to have a true heart for the children of our church and it’s my desire to give them a fun and exciting place to learn about God and then to help lead them to the foot of the cross where they can find true salvation through faith in Him.

I want to see our church grow and flourish within our community. I want to see our church become a haven for those in need of family, and mostly I want to see God glorified in all that we do. This is my hope and prayer for Calvary. 

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