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Getting Involved

Often times, members of a church wonder “what is expected of me as a member of this local church?” This is a good question, and one that is important to answer. For God’s glory and your spiritual vitality, we encourage the following.

Worship Together

First, commit to regularly attending the Sunday Morning Worship Service. This is the most important event of the week when as “one body” we Worship Christ together in song, public reading of Scripture & prayer, giving, and the preaching and application of God’s Word.

Connect With Others

Second, commit to participating in a Fellowship Group. These are sub-units of the church that meet on Sunday mornings, where you are provided with shepherding care and facilitate connecting with other believers for mutual care and accountability.

We strive to emphasize these Fellowship Group “Essentials”:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Deliberate Discipleship
  • Gospel Mission

Study God's Word

Third, get involved in a mid-week Men’s or Women’s Small group. These mid-week Bible studies are uniquely tailored for mutual growth, discipleship, and accountability, in the areas of our God-given responsibilities as men and women of God.

Serve One Another

Fourth, prayerfully consider Serving somewhere in the church. God has gifted each believer in a beautiful and unique way, for His glory and the building up of others in the body of Christ.


While there will certainly be “exceptions,” these are areas of active participation that, by God’s grace, will lead to your spiritual vitality as a member of Calvary, for the glory of our great King.