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Fellowship Groups

Fellowship Groups

Meeting Virtually on Sundays

Our fellowship groups are meant to provide a context where believers have shepherding care and are able to connect with other believers for mutual service and loving accountability. Here is a list of the six groups we currently offer.

Common Ground


Leader: Tim Townsend 
Overview: Currently studying 1 & 2 Thessalonians
Format: Classroom dialogue
Location: Worship Center
Life Group: Mixed Adults

Community of Faith


Leader: Jim Kinsfather
Overview: Currently studying the Gospel of John
Format: Informal discussion group
Location: Room WC-1
Life Group: Mostly senior saints



Leader: Greg Rhoads
Overview: Currently studying Mark, following the pulpit
Format: Interactive dialogue of sermon application with prayer
Location: Room 3
Life Group: Mixed ages and stages

Fellowship of the Saints


Leaders: Bob Powell & Jim Stone
Overview: Currently studying the book of Galatians
Format: Small classroom dialogue
Location: Room 4
Life Group: Mixed ages and stages



Leaders: Mark Pichaj & Brad Kelley
Overview: Currently studying the Psalms
Format: Large, interactive classroom dialogue
Location: Room WC-3 
Life Group: Mixed ages and stages



Leaders: Lew Stone & Tim Carns
Overview: Various topics related to marriage, parenting, family and life
Format: Large, interactive classroom dialogue
Location: Room 1
Life Group: Young Marrieds/Young Families


Pastor Kempiz Hernandez Summit_FI
Overview: Topical studies related to this life stage
Format: Large, interactive classroom dialogue
Location: Room WC-4
Life Group: College & Career




3 Fellowship Group Essentials 

We seek to glorify God with these ministries by focusing on three Fellowship Group “Essentials.”

Spiritual Growth

We are committed to teaching God’s Word in an accurate and practical manner, so that believers will grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ, walking in loving obedience to God’s Word, and progressively becoming like Christ, for the glory of God.
Col 1:28-29; 2 Tim 3:14-17

Deliberate Discipleship

We are committed to promoting and facilitating mutually-edifying, Christ-Exalting, life-on-life discipleship relationships, so that believers will diligently care for, serve, and practice Christ-like love in the use of their gifts toward one another
1 Pet 4:8-11; Heb 10:23-25

Gospel Mission

We are committed to challenging believers concerning the supreme mission of the Gospel, so that believers will faithfully witness for Christ in Word and deed, in obedience to the Great Commission of “making disciples” in whatever life context they find themselves.
Matt 28:18-20; Acts 1:1-8