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Creative Art Director
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I know that my life would be nothing like it is now without God's work in it. Everything pales in comparison to a life filled with the abundance and ever-growing joy that God breathes into my spirit, and all because of a restored relationship with Him. It's my relationship with God through the Father, Spirit, and Son that fuels my faith, not plain old religious rites and rules. And everyone needs to know that Christianity isn't organized religion, it's restoration to a kingdom that God will establish where all is pure and holy in His sight. 

In whatever occupation I find myself, whether it's in the secular sphere, ministry, or being unemployed, I know that God calls me to serve, support, and encourage those made in His image. Right now, that looks like designing, directing, creating, and helping others create for the glory of God in the church—with the aspiration that people see the true beauty of the Gospel in all that we initiate.

Calvary is home for me because it's the family that I get to do life with, where we stir up one another to love and good deeds, where the Spirit is growing us in our passion to pursue truth in God's Word, and where we spur one another toward faithfulness in our relationship with our Father and Creator. My prayer for Calvary is that we would be a church that lives out the love of the Gospel in word and deed.

On a totally unrelated note, I love a good street taco.


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