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Friends, as we approach the Resurrection/Easter season, we the elders of CBC wanted to make much of this special time in the Christian calendar.  Think of the effort and energy that goes into preparing for Christmas; we wanted to do more with how we as a church prepare for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. In so doing, we’re leading the congregation in A Season of Prayer and Fasting. If you missed Sunday’s message, watch it here

Purpose and Goals
  • Cultivate corporate and personal prayer within our body.
  • Fasting as a way for you to grow in your relationship with the Lord and help you to focus your hearts and minds on the passion of Jesus leading up to Resurrection Sunday (Easter).
  • Give the congregation an opportunity to put both prayer and fasting into practice.
  • Help make prayer and fasting something that you will participate in on your own and at different times throughout the year.
Elder-led Prayer Meetings

Join one meeting a week. These in-person meetings will focus on a different passage each week as we follow Jesus's journey to the cross and His resurrection. Meeting in Room 2.

  • Scripture Focus: Upper Room (John 13:1-5, John 13:36-14:6) Monday, 3/11 from 6:45-7:45am or Wednesday, 3/13 from 7-8pm
  • Scripture Focus: The Garden (Matthew 26:36-46) Monday, 3/18 from 6:45-7:45am or Wednesday, 3/20 from 7-8pm
  • Scripture Focus: The Cross (Luke 23:33-49) Monday, 3/25 from 6:45-7:45am or Wednesday, 3/27 from 7-8pm

Can't make it to the above meetings? Take the time to read and pray on your own, with friends, or family in a way that accommodates your schedule.

Regarding Fasting and Prayer
  • Fasting will be defined as abstaining from food but not water. The elders recommend fasting for one 24-hour period each week for the 3 weeks leading up to Resurrection Sunday.
  • Not everyone should fast. There may be those of you who for medical reasons need to eat regular meals or because you need to take medications with food. Also, pregnant or nursing moms should not fast. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.
  • If you are not able to participate in a food fast for any reason, consider fasting from some other need or pleasure. These may include (but are not limited to) social media, computer, phone, electronic/computer games, hobbies, sports, entertainment, a favorite beverage such as coffee or tea, etc.
  • Fasting is not commanded in the Scriptures, though it is expected (Mt. 6:16).
  • Fasting should be done privately (Matt. 6:16-18). No one will be asked by the CBC leadership if they are fasting. We recommend that you don’t offer up that you’re fasting or ask others if they are. No one should be made to feel like they must fast. 
  • When coming out of a food fast, be careful not to eat too much too soon. Consider eating lighter, well-balanced meals when coming out of a fast.
  • When fasting and you feel the pangs of hunger, use that time to read Scripture or prayer (or both), even if it’s only for a few moments or silently while at work.
  • Keep the focus on seeking the Lord, drawing nearer to Him and growing closer in your relationship with Him.
  • Read passages leading up to the resurrection such as Matt 21-28; Mark 11-16; Luke 19:28-24; John 12:12-21.
Biblical Reasons for Fasting

You may find that while fasting and praying, you will focus on some of the purposes below:

  • To Seek God’s Protection or Deliverance (Es. 4:16; Ezra 8:21)
  • To Avert God’s Judgment (Jonah 3:4-10)
  • For Confession & Repentance (1 Sam. 7:5-6; Joel 2:15-17; Lk. 18:13-14)
  • To Express Grief or Mourning (1 Sam. 31:11-13)
  • As Service & Ministry to God (Lk. 2:36-37; Acts 13:1-2; 14:23)
  • To Overcome Temptation (Mt. 4:1-2)
  • To Seek God’s Will, Guidance or Answers to Prayer (See many of the above passages. Also Judges 20:26.)
  • As Worship and Devotion (Ps. 69:1-10)

Be blessed in this season of praying and fasting!