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MeetingsOnCampusHello Calvary Bible Church family! As we closed out 2020 and reflected over last year, there are certainly areas in which we have grown in our Christian walk. The Lord also continues to stretch, mold, and shape us.
It was a little over nine months ago that we as elders made a very difficult decision to meet solely through Livestream as the pandemic’s effects widened and the governing authorities encouraged precautions. Praise God for our Livestream capabilities and the resourcefulness, creativity, and efforts of members in our body. We developed ways to fellowship and worship through technology, including Worship Wednesdays, and “Zoom” meetings for Fellowship Groups and Small Groups. When the orders allowed outdoors gatherings, Calvary quickly adapted and provided the best possible way to worship, while staying within our call to obey the authorities over us.
As many of you are aware, the L.A. County health officials reversed the ban on indoor religious gatherings. This is great news, and certainly provides us with additional options! The elders have discussed the logistical challenges if we return to indoor services. Masks, social distancing, temperature-taking, bathroom monitoring, sterilizing surfaces, etc. all present significant issues.
Therefore, for the time being, our Sunday Service will continue to meet outdoors. We believe this will accommodate the greatest number of people in our body for “in-person” worship. In the event of inclement weather, we will move the worship service indoors, adhering to the County orders. If that is the case, we will provide the body with ample notice and instructions for attendance.
However, due to the colder evenings, we have also decided to allow certain events that are currently meeting outside on campus (such as Moms, Summit, Small Groups, etc.) to utilize one of two rooms inside (Room 1 or the Main Sanctuary). Download guidelines. We ask that if you participate in one of these events to please abide by the guidelines, so that we can continue to offer this option.
Please continue to pray for the elders, as we strive to honor Christ with our decisions. Obviously, we will not make everyone joyful with any decision we make. Please know that we also want to love our neighbors, which includes the health care workers who are being greatly impacted with the current level of infections. Pray for them and persons within our body who have been affected by this virus.
It will be extremely important to adhere to the directives we provide prior to having a worship service indoors. Each person’s voluntary compliance will provide all with an undistracted time of worship. Thankfully, our weather in Southern California makes our outdoor worship services a blessing for most of the saints! If there are any changes, we will keep you abreast of them as quickly as possible.

The Elders of Calvary Bible Church