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Manila Mission Trip Reflections from Tina Carns

In October, I joined Tim on my first trip to Asia. Basically, all I knew about Manila was that the city is crowded and that the people are delightful. Both turned out to be true. But what I didn’t realize was how crowded and how delightful. The size of the Philippines is the same size as the state of Arizona only with 102 million people instead of 7 million! Metro-Manila is nothing like Los Angeles in traffic or high rise buildings. The buildings and traffic seem endless. Yet, this didn’t stop me from enjoying my time with the wonderful believers that I met.

The Immense Blessings

The trip to Manila was a blessing to me in these ways:

  1. I saw the great desire for exposition among the pastors in the Philippines. So many pastors and elders are ready and willing to be trained. For example, Guiding Light Church, five hours north of Manila, will begin training at the end of January. It is a requirement that all the elders take the modules which will be a sacrifice of time for each one.
  2. I fellowshiped with the wives of the Missionaries of The Expositor’s Academy (TEA). It was a blessing to know them better, to meet their children, to visit, share testimonies etc. One of the ladies told me how blessed she was just to have “girl time” and be refueled. She said that she is not just surviving in Manila, but thriving!
  3. I was privileged to open God’s Word with the women at Higher Rock Christian Church in a very practical way--to help them to evaluate the root of their anger and then encouraging them to look to God’s word to help them think rightly about Him and their unmet expectations.
  4. I experienced true hospitality from the warm, sweet believers in Baguio and Manila. They housed us, fed us, fellowshipped with us, fed us, drove us wherever we needed to go, laundered our clothes when needed and fed us some more! Special thanks to Sean and Jessica Ransom, Pastor Robbie and Mavie, Pastor Bob and Sukie and Vance and Milaine.
  5. I witnessed the commitment of the believers to hear God’s Word taught. Two young ladies traveled almost two hours after a long day of work to hear my seminar both Wednesday and Thursday night. Their attitudes were so sweet. One said, “That’s Manila life.” Guiding Light Church in Baguio chartered a bus, leaving at 1:30am Saturday to transport 100 members to Manila for the Conference, “The Christian in the Workplace,” which began at 9am and ended at 5pm. Then they drove all the way back! Truly, they use their time and resources for the Lord’s sake. How wonderful and humbling. We could learn from their example.

Prayer Requests from Tim

  • Malawi: I am off again to Africa from 10/23 to 11/8 doing pastors training at Central African Preaching Academy in Malawi. Please pray for my health and safety as well as my preparation for the training. I have a lot to get ready and not enough time to do it. Pray I would not be anxious.
  • Doctor of Ministry Studies: With all the travel lately, I am behind on turning the assignments in. Please pray I would be able to complete them upon my return from Malawi. They are due Dec 6th.
  • Family: Continue to pray for my children to abide in Christ and to be a testimony for him in their school and work. Pray also for Tina as she leads in the MOMs ministry at church and all she has to do in managing our busy household.
  • Support: The Lord graciously continues to provide. The gap between our current support and what is needed is shrinking! Please pray that we would trust God for the remaining 15%.

In Christ,

Tim & Tina Carns