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TITUS: The Gospel on Display

How is the church stabilized and established in the grace of God? How do we live in such a way that “displays” that Christ is greater and more beautiful than anything on this earth? How do Christians make the “Gospel visible” to a hopeless and dying world, infatuated with sin and the passing pleasures of sin?

These are important questions. In these coming months we will be studying the book of Titus, where we are given beautiful and life-changing instructions that if heeded, lead to a strong and stable church, and to impacting the world for the Gospel of Christ. For, as history would have it, there is growing hostility and opposition to the cause of Christ. And yet, God’s Word does not change, and His approach to rescuing people for Himself has not changed. He works in and through His people (the church) as they live in holiness and in obedience to His holy and unchanging Word, that the watching world may be impacted and directed to live for Someone greater than themselves, the Lord Jesús Christ.