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Read: Matthew 26:17-46; Mark 14:12-42; Luke 22:7-46; John 13:1-17:26

With the religious leaders intent on finding opportunity to put Him to death, Jesus, knowing that He had come to die in the place of sinners, instructs His disciples to make preparations for the traditional and symbolic Passover meal. While in the Upper Room, the Lord reveals to them His impending death, speaks to them about His betrayal, and institutes the Lord’s Supper. His death is to be remembered and His return anticipated as believers in future generations celebrate and partake of the Lord’s Supper.

Still in the Upper room, the Lord gives the disciples an object lesson concerning true greatness by washing their feet. It’s a beautiful picture of how they are to put on the apron of a slave and minister to one another as He has exemplified for them. Also, knowing the great test of their faith soon to face them, the Lord intimately prays to the Father on their behalf. Later than night, Jesus and His disciples make their way to the Garden of Gethsemane, where He will soon be betrayed with a kiss and taken into custody. The stage is set for His substitutionary death on behalf of sinners.