CBC Classes

CBC Classes

February 18, 2023

The "Respectable" Sin of Ungodliness

Speaker: Bob Powell Series: Men's Breakfasts

From chapter 7 of the book “Respectable Sins” by Jerry Bridges

Bob Powell reminded us that we need to call sin, “sin,” even those “respectable” ones.

He explained to us that the sin of “ungodliness” as reflected in the book refers to living with no thought of God or a lack of dependence upon Him. This can happen as we go through our day relying on our own efforts and not considering how God may want to impact events. He explained that even if this is only done for a short period of our day, it is still truly a sin.

He gave several Biblical illustrations of “ungodliness” including James 4:13-17, which when applied teaches us that declaring “I will do X and accomplish Y” should be replaced with “If God wills, I will do X and accomplish Y.”

So, how do we avoid this sin of ungodliness, and ensure that we are always living God-centered lives?

  • Pray about our relationship with God
  • Ensure that our work is always a service unto the Lord and for His Glory
  • Seek an intimate relationship and fellowship with the Lord regularly during the day
  • Pray regularly to help make us conscious we are under His dominion
  • Remind ourselves that He is our God at all times, even if we don’t acknowledge it


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