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CBC Classes

August 19, 2023

The "Respectable" Sins of the Tongue

Speaker: Aaron Miller Series: Men's Breakfasts

Aaron Miller taught us about the sins of the tongue, as part of our series from the book Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges, focusing on the third chapter of the book of James.

 He first discussed sanctification in general, and how we are progressively sanctified throughout our lives by the Holy Spirit, and in particular through suffering.

 He noted that proper use of your tongue is an important target of your sanctification, and that it is also an indicator of where we are spiritually with respect to becoming Christ-like. The truth is, your speech reflects what is in your heart.  

 He also illustrated how powerful our words are by inviting each of us to remember situations in our past where someone’s words were helpful and edifying or hurt us deeply, sometimes over a lifetime. What we say to other people and how we say it is of great importance.  

 So, how can you seek to not stumble with your words (James 3:2)? 

  • Consider what practices of your tongue should be ‘put off’ and ‘put on,’ exchanging the sinful for the God-glorifying (Col. 3:1-17).
  • Remember that what you say and don’t say matters.  There are times to speak, and times not to speak. Not putting our tongue to use when it’s necessary, or speaking when we shouldn’t, can be sinful and won’t glorify God. 
  • Know your tongue can be like a fire with its power out of proportion to its size (James 3:6).   
  • Be judicious in your use of words to help ensure that your actual message is received and not misunderstood.  Seek to share godly, edifying words with the hearer.    
  • Submit yourself to the teaching of the word by godly men. 
  • Exercise the use of your tongue in healthy ways through regular, deep fellowship with other believers and in prayer, both individually and corporately.

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